David Kamunyu — Independent video game developer based in Nairobi, Kenya

The Orchard

Video game


“The Orchard” is a first person view, role playing, story driven, adventure game, set in an open world,
sand box environment with survival mechanics.

The player assumes the role of a recipient of a farm, willed to them by a late uncle and aunt who
died under mysterious circumstances. They need to make the property once again productive while
taking care of their general well being and figuring out the strange happenings in the district.

Based in Kenya, this game will be heavily influenced by local tastes, including language, cuisine and music.

Date2015 RoleLead developer

The Orchard’s finalised title

Early concept ideas for the title

Stand in menu during alpha testing

The main menu (WIP)

A new day in the test world

A screenshot of the test world

Comparison showing the time mechanics

Testing the crafting mechanics

Player’s inventory window

Bug encountered when creating the saving system

3D modelled packet of milk

Testing the crouching movement

Simple forward jog

Walking backwards

Jump animation (jump is exaggerated for testing purposes)

Strafe animation

A short run through of the alpha level

AI & pathfinding

AI & pathfinding